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There is a Holy Fire burning inside of you that the world is waiting on to come out”. These are the words that God uttered to Pastor Shelley on September 15, 2019. She then spoke those words to me. It helped to give me a spiritual renewal. This WOG has truly been sent by the Lord Jesus Christ to inspire, impart, and empower all that she meets. I called her “GEM” from the first time I met her because she is a precious jewel to the body of Christ. During the beginning of Covid when Leaders were trying to figure things out God gave Pastor Shelley the assignment by invitation to Esther’s Banquet, dressed in your best and ready to eat spiritually. This was with women all over via zoom. A four-week weekly study on the Book of Esther that would help to equip each woman that attended for the days ahead. It truly impacted my life and gave me hope in a season of uncertainty and kept me from missing the mark when it would be my time to present. Pastor Shelley has truly been a mentor and inspiration to me with every encounter. I love that she is not afraid to love, guide, correct, rebuke and always pray. This GEM is truly anointed and blessed and I am grateful to have her in my life.

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- Minister Tawana Hawkins

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